MotorKote Hyper Lubricant

1. Keep grass from sticking under the mower deck.
2. Apply to end of light bulbs to screw in and remove without breaking.
3. Keep boat anchors from picking up mud.
4. Keeps rust out of a truck bed / dirt from sticking.
5. Loosens sticking piano keys.
6. Wipe the coil starter string in lawnmowers, chain saws and other hand start machinery to pull easier.
7. On metal shower curtain rings, reduces friction & hangups.
8. On lip of open paint can will seal and reopen easier.
9. Keeps stainless steel & chrome from spotting.
10. Pour in sump well to lubricate and quiet pump.

Theres something new from MotorKote


That’s right! New from MotorKote a full 64 oz line of products to compliment our existing line. These items were requested by you the loyal MotorKote customer who may have still been using MotorKote along with your previous choice of competitor Fuel Additive. Read more at MotorKote.com or listen live this morning 5/15/13 to WLW 700 AM as Mr. MotorKote goes live on air to talk about the new lineup!

“Why isn’t MotorKote® in racing?”

I’m often asked, “why isn’t MotorKote® in racing?” The first answer is we can’t afford to sponsor a car or an event. Which is true, the cost to go racing is way beyond our pocketbook. Then I think of all the racers and teams that tell me we are already in racing. MotorKote® enjoys and underground race heritage that would surprise many. The stories are never ending. As the racing season dawns, dozens of race savvy crew chiefs have their hidden stash of MotorKote® often in an unmarked bottle or can. The spray will be painted out so the competition can’t see it. But it’s there. In the race shop, the race garage, and in the pits, MotorKote® is there. It’s used in all forms of racing and in hundreds of places. So the next time someone says if MotorKote® is so great why don’t we see it in racing? Just smile and answer, “How do you know you’re not seeing it?” See ya at the Race! Look for the O’Reilly’s Tent / Truck and we’ll be there.